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Kris/Katy/Adam fanfic community
Welcome to kradamaty, the place where fierce meets cute and two hot pockets meet a glittery alien! :D

This is a RPF fanfic community about American Idol 8 winner Kris Allen, his wife Katy and the runner-up Adam Lambert. And about their undying love and/or sexytimez together. Yes, this is a threesome community. Be warned *lol*


1) This is a fic community for Kris/Adam/Katy fic. This doesn't necessarily mean that all fics HAVE to have threesomes in them, but it would be nice if at least all three people would be *in* the fic. You know how the famous Kradam zombie fic is really only marginally about Kradam? Yeah, like that. If pure Kris/Adam is more your thing, join kradam_ai, if you're into Kris/Katy, please join hotttpockets. THIS is a threesome community.

2) Please do not bring your personal drama here. We are all about the love and we don't care what she said to you or what he wrote about your story in another community. Things like that should stay in your personal journal. If you do have a problem with a post, then please contact a mod via PM or e-mail.

3) Do no steal people's writing, fan videos, pictures, artwork or anything else and claim it as you're own. You will be banned from the community for that. Also, it's just common courtesy.

4) Please stay on-topic. If your post doesn't have anything to do with Adam/Kris/Katy it will be taken down. Fan fiction, fan art, icon posts, and news are the only posts we should be seeing. No spamming or trolling allowed. This should go without saying.

5) We'd like it if you used tags. They are an awesome invention. Really. They make it easier to find your favorite fic at a later date, when you'd like to go back and relive the glory of it.

6) Fics will not be checked over, or locked because of adult content. For now, at least. But PLEASE label your stories with the proper rating! If it's NC-17 it HAS to be labeled as NC-17! If you're not sure about the rating just go with the higher one, just to be on the safe side. Also, don't post NSFW images outside an LJ-cut.

7) This is a RPF community. If RPF offends you or squicks you out, then please leave immediately. Also, please don't comment with 'ewwww that's gross' on someone's fic. That is just rude. Rude behavior and inappropriateness WILL get you banned.

Thanks for the attention! Now please enjoy your stay at kradamaty! :D

Your mods, caesaria and xrazorbladesky

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